In Memory of Ronie A. Mooney
Senior Chief Engineman, United States Navy

In Loving Memory of Ronie Mooney, ENCS
Retired Senior Chief Engineman, U.S. Navy
July 22, 1932 - May 7, 2004

This site is dedicated to Margie, Dad's faithful and enduring wife of over fifty years.
Joined in Holy Matrimony on May 27, 1951

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Retired USN Dad and Mom - July 4, 1951
Dad in the Navy Grandfather and Grand-daughter - 1991

My father was Ronie A. Mooney, Retired US Navy, Senior Chief Engineman. Words can not express the pride I feel when I reflect on how my father faithfully served our country -- twenty years active duty, and ten years in the reserves. He served during, and in the Korean war.

He was born in 1932, in the state of North Carolina, the son of Rosemond and Gertrude Mooney.

In 1951, he married my mother, Margie. She and Dad remained married for over fifty years. Together they had six children, and I am the last of the six.

Among many of his skills, my father was a skilled electronics technician and licensed by the FCC as a HAM radio operator.

He was a remarkable man, and he will be dearly missed by all of us.

I love you Dad.


I went in the Navy in July of 1950 and in boot I was changed from an SA to and FA. At that time I would have liked to have been a radioman, but that didn't work out.

I graduated from boot and was sent directly to the USS Jason ARH-1 in Sasebo, Japan. I stayed on the Jason until Jan of 53, I went to the icebreaker USS Burton ISland AGB 1. I left it in July of 53 then got out and headed East. I re-enlisted in Sept of 53 and went to the USS Orion AS-18. I worked in the forward engineroom untill I went to the A gang. I had made EN3 in the fall of 52.

I left Orion for shore duty in the fall of 54 , It was at North Island in San Diego. I was the engineman on a YSD at North Island. I was there till the summer of 57. I then went to the USS Piedmont AD17. I went to the flag in 69 and worked on small boats until I made Chief in 62. I made EN2 and EN1 while I was at North Island.

I was then transferred to the DER 387 in Pearl Harbor. I stayed on board until the summer of 64. I left Her and went to shore duty in Columbus, Ohio. I made ENCS in Columbus in 66. I left there in 67 and went to Charleston, SC and retired from the USS Observer MSO 461 in 69. I was glad that I had made it through all those years.

I have worked at the Wilmington Shipyard for a few years and then I worked as a TV repairman for Sears until around 82. I then put in my own shop and repaired radios and tv's until 95 when I had a heart attack and gave up the rat race. I have been retired now for around 5 years. I still work around the place here. It is 15 acres or a little more, It keeps me busy.

I got my ham license in 65 at the training center in Columbus, Ohio. My ham call is AC4AD and stayed in that also until this year and I need to get an antenna back up. Not able to climb like I used to do. The aches and pains are more pronounced now.
Biography as was written by Ronie A. Mooney

America The Beautiful

Grand-daughter of Ronie Mooney, Karen sings "America The Beautiful" at school talent show, 2005-2006 school year.
Download america_the_beautiful.wmv
2,762 K Duration: 1:24

The Navy
- Author Unknown

Twenty One Gun Salute
Dad's funeral ceremony, in May 2004, by Army and Navy with Taps as played by

Ships Dad Served Aboard
Collection of Photos of Dad's Ships

Dad's Navy Days
Collection of Photos from Dad's Navy Days

Collection of Photos of Mom and Dad

A Proud Day in Dad's Life
Videos of Granddaughter's graduation from USMC Boot Camp

Correspondence and other items of interest.

Amazing Grace

Martha Gordon and daughter perform "Amazing Grace".
Mrs. Martha Gordon is the teacher of Ronie's youngest grand-son, Rosemond, 2005-2006.
Download amazing_grace.wmv
5,099 K Duration: 2:37

Golden Anniversary
Celebrating fifty years of matrimony.

Dad's Life beyond Base
Collection of Photos from Dad's Personal Life during the Navy

Family, Relatives and Ancestors
Collection of Photos of Dad's Family

Linda's Page
A page dedicated to Ronie A. Mooney, by daughter Linda.

Ronie A. Mooney's favorite links
Places Dad frequented on the web.

In Memory of Dad
A Poem in memory of Ronie Mooney.

History of the Great Civil War
History of the Great Civil War, the author's perspective (1861-1865) on the causes of the war, and how the political parties originated in the United States.

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